Autism Services Cape Cod. Day, student and employment services to help those with autism, social anxiety and other challenges transition to greater independence


Day Program FAQs


How are day services funded?

Typically by MassHealth, but funding can come from out of state DDS or private pay.


What age range do you serve?

Our average age is 27 but service begins at age 22, or once you are unenrolled in school. If you are a good fit we would love to have you.


What do our members look like?

Our members are active and motivated to continue to learn and develop life goals. Members are excited to come to Transitions and be a part of our team.


Is there a wait list?

Yes, usually. But don't let that discourage you.


Do you provide transportation?




Can you attend part time or half days?

The minimum attendance in Day Services is 3 days per week. We can accommodate half days, as long as those half days are a part of the 3 day minimum.


What are some of the activities you provide?

A typical day at Transitions begins with light aerobic exercise and a group discussion. We have a wide and diverse range of activities from cooking and budgeting to music and art therapies, dance and karate classes, team sports and volunteering in the community, with most activities taking place out of the building. We focus on social skills, teamwork, and being active members of the Cape Cod community!


Will I be out in the community?

All the time!

Employment Services FAQs


Will I be working with a group?

No, Transitions only supports competitive employment. Competitive Employment means a community job that any person can apply for, in integrated settings with a variety of people, that pays at least minimum wage.


Do you provide 1:1 support?

Yes, during training and ongoing as needed. We do not provide 1 to 1 coaching on the job forever, as this does not fit with the competitive employment model.




How often would I meet with my job coach?

As often as you need to and the two of you decide. Supports are individualized, so for some it could be a weekly meeting and others may prefer phone or text communication, it depends on what is effective and most comfortable to you. We ask for open and honest communication with us and you should expect that in return.

General FAQs

Who pays?


Day Services are funded by Mass Health or Private Pay. Mass Health will also fund transportation to and from your home to Day Services. 

Student Services are funded by your home school district or private pay. Transitions Centers, will also assist students and their families in obtaining adult service funding, as eligible, through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), and/or Mass Health prior to the student turning age 22. Employment Services are funded by Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Schools, and Private Pay. Transitions Centers will apply for funding on your behalf.


Transitions Centers, Inc. is open to new service delivery models based on needs and funding availability. We pride ourselves on being creative and "out-of-the-box" thinkers. If the services mentioned above do not meet your needs, give us a call and we'll do our best to accommodate you or refer you to another service provider.


What is the referral process?


The first step is to contact us to let us know you are interested in attending Transitions Centers. We will set up a time for you and your family or provider to come in and meet with us. We will take a tour of our program space and answer any questions you might have. 


For more information on the referral process for each of our services, please click on the links below.




Where can I get more information about your organization?


  • For more information about our Annual Report or our 990 Financial Report, please contact our Executive Director.

  • For more information on our Annual Satisfaction Results or Performance Outcomes, please contact our Senior Director.

  • To learn more about our CARF accreditation, click here.