CARF Accreditation

Transitions Centers, Inc. is accredited by CARF International for a period of 3 years for Community Integration beginning May 2015. At this time, CARF surveyors made no recommendation, which signifies that they did not identify any areas of nonconformance to the standards. This is an extraordinary accomplishment, as only 3 percent of CARF surveys result in no recommendations. 


CARF accreditation demonstrates Transitions Centers' quality, accountability, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. This is the third 3-year accreditation Transitions Centers, Inc. has received from CARF since opening in 2008, and the second consecutive accreditation with no recommendations received.


Our Philosophy

Transitions Centers, Inc. is a non-profit organization that believes all individuals with challenges can transition to greater independence and self-esteem with supports from professionals that show respect for the individual at all times.  We focus on mentoring and challenging each individual's potential by providing services that are individually tailored to encourage better physical and/or mental health and a greater sense of self-sufficiency, to help increase each individual's feeling of self-respect.


Mission Statement

Transitions Centers Inc. provides Day, Employment, and Student Services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, social anxiety, and other life challenges transitioning to greater independence.

Vision Statement

Transitions Centers seeks to provide services that encourage and promote self-sufficiency and self-respect for all.